5 Reasons Why You Should Use Remote Coaching

When was the last time you were at a seminar, workshop or conference? Can you remember how energetic and motivated you were afterwards? Full of drive, did you want to implement the impulses? Can you remember how long this condition lasted? What happened after that? What has changed? Have you failed in everyday life or on emerging questions? Did you perhaps lack a sparring partner, an expert to exchange? If a local consultant is too expensive for you, have you ever thought about testing online coaching? No? But maybe you should.

Do you use tools like email, Skype and Slack almost daily and take it for granted? Do you also exchange with your colleagues through digital channels instead of face to face? Your communication takes place both asynchronously and directly? You often don’t care about the place and the time, you check messages in the elevator, while eating or on the train? Yes, yes, yes and again yes? But what about the digitalization of coaching and consulting? 5 reasons why you should try online coaching for you or your team.

Local independence thanks to online coaching

The technology makes it possible. Thanks to Wifi or fast mobile network you are not tied to a place to chat via video chat and co. exchange with an expert. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, at home or in the café during online coaching.

Online coaching saves money

Skilled workers are in short supply. Therefore, it happens again and again that you do not find your wanted coach and advisor directly around the corner or in the place. The result for you is often high travel costs. However, the hotel and arrival are no longer necessary for you or your advisor at a digital meeting. This saves you considerable sums over time.

Flexible, fast and individual appointments for online consultation

The organisational effort for online consulting is extremely low. All you need is a suitable place (see above) and time. And since there are no travel and accommodation costs, you can also book smaller periods and don’t have to wait until you’ve jammed topics for a whole day. Units billed on an hourly basis are perfect for dealing with your current and acute topics in a timely manner. Just individually tailored to your needs.

Continuous support through online consulting

Due to the time and cost savings and the simpler and individual predictability, it is much easier for you to make online consulting an integral part for you if necessary.

Lower hurdles and sustainability with online coaching

All these points ensure that you receive regular feedback, input and impulses as well as expert knowledge without much effort, risk and at significantly lower costs. And that’s exactly what one-time presence events can’t give you. Impulses set at the beginning and the initial motivation often fall victim to everyday life very quickly. Here, a consultant can provide perfect support via online coaching and ensure that you can develop sustainably. Online coaching has the same effectiveness as on-site coaching.

Of course, you can test online coaching very well and decide for yourself whether this type of support suits you and your topics well. Ultimately, online coaching and on-site advice can also be combined very well.

Do you need a regular exchange, accompaniment or have questions about topics such as modern agile leadership, Management 3.0, Agile Methods, Scrum, Values, Communication, Online Marketing, SEO or similar? Then we can help you through online coaching and consulting. More information can be found here.

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