Life has changed.
Life is changing.
Life will change.

Agile Leadership and New Work are key topics for your future success

Digitization, complexity & value changes are your biggest challenges.

I support you on the way to becoming a true Agile Leader. I stand by you as a partner when it comes to breaking down old habits and integrating new tools and practices into everyday life in order to achieve more, both professionally and privately

I’m a coach and questioner.
My focus: people and their relationships and I will help you become the leader you want to be.
Alexander Keller Berlin Coach Trainer

In the age of Remote-Work, how can I…?

1. Provide orientation
How do you give your colleagues security and sharpen common goals?

2. Promote self-organized work
How do you create the framework conditions so that the experts can do their work optimally?

3. Develop competences and skills
How do you ensure continuous personal development?

Questions for upcoming or new (lateral) leaders.

…and all people interested in leadership.

  • What does modern leadership mean?
  • How do I deal with conflicts?
  • Why are satisfied employees so important and what can I do about it
  • How do I get and keep motivated and productive employees?
  • How can I react to ever-changing conditions?
  • Why do I need to and how can I become more agile?
  • How do I win and hold customers?
  • How much does New Work cost me and what do I actually get from it?

Ever thought about who or what really creates value?

Surprise: It’s not your process, nor your money or company at all!

Humans. Create. Value.

In an increasingly globalized environment, it makes little sense to follow strict planning and processes in order to become or remain successful. More and more we are dealing with complex systems that are difficult to describe or specifically modify. This includes, in particular, the organisational and social structures in which we operate. As a result, the human being and the system in which he operates are becoming more and more of a focus, as a lever for sustainable success. No matter in what context.

I’m specialized in


Do you have the responsibility to lead a team, a department or a company? You sometimes wonder how you can continue to be successful in the tough competition in the future? You see how the world is evolving rapidly and the needs of employees are changing? I help you and your company, as a sparring partner for Agile Leadership and Management 3.0, create a framework for transparency and self-organization that allows you to become more adaptable, innovative and productive.

#agileleadership #management30 course


Have you ever thought that too much, too little or wrongly is being communicated and that there are conflicts and crises in your company? I’ll show you and your colleagues what communication is all about and how you can communicate more consciously and focusedly, thus avoiding misunderstandings. First understand, then be understood. You will be able to make your meetings, lectures, and votes more valuable and productive for all.


Processes & Structures

Would you like to use modern agile forms of work to achieve more productivity, innovative strength and employee and customer satisfaction? You see that rigid structures, processes, hierarchies and area silos make this difficult or even prevent? Together with you and your company, I investigate and change your organizational framework of processes, structures and rules so that it supports you in your daily work and value creation and brings you more HORSEpower on the road.

#agilebasics #scrum #agilemarketing

Online or offline?

In addition to (in-house) training and on-site advice, I also offer remote support.

What my customers say

Overall very good and lively. Content, etc. also beyond the subject – very good.


Scrum Training

Excellent workshop host and facilitator: giving room and time for participants to inspire each other.

Heiko B.

Management 3.0 Course

Very mature knowledge. Real cases as example. Good listener.

Yves S.

Management 3.0 Course

Needs, Values & Goals

It’s not as if companies are repainting their offices, abolishing hierarchies, introducing the Duz culture, then calling it New Work, and then everything is good. Rather, it is a question of reconciling people with all their needs, values and objectives with the needs, values and objectives of companies.

In complex systems, it is not enough to bend and disassemble the context until it fits. In complex systems, we need to adapt our behavior and methodology to context.
Alexander Keller

The much-publicised lack of managers, an increasing number of sick leave every year, demotivated employees who only serve according to regulations, fluctuation, which is already evident in the probationary period – none of this has to be! If we only consider what constitutes a functioning society, that everything is a give and take, and that this also applies to the relationship between managers and employees in the company, then it is time to act. I put people in the foreground, work together on the strengths, weaknesses, desires, needs, fears and motivations of the participants and help both sides develop understanding and act in harmony again in order to get the best out of themselves. This helps employees achieve their own life goal. And companies are growing sustainably. I am happy to support with individual coaching/training/seminar and workshop offers around the topic “The human being in the corporate context”. This also includes team events, executive training (e.g. Management 3.0 training), organizational development and much more.

Management 3.0 Training

I offer official management 3.0 trainings with certificate. During this workshop the focus is on the tasks of leadership in an agile environment.

You want to focus on your context? Let’s go in-house! I come to you and your company and facilitate the Management 3.0 course in-house.

I think Win-Win

Success is something very individual. I look at the different perspectives.

Do what you love…

Personal development

What are your values?
What are your principles?
What are your needs?
What are your interests?
What are your strengths?
What are your goals?
Create win win

… Love what you do.

Company development

What is the company’s goal?
What is the vision?
What does the company stand for?
What is the corporate culture?
What are the structures?
What are the processes?

Private success

More than half of people see their own goal achievement as the basis for personal success or success. Happiness. But how can I achieve a goal that I don’t know what it is and how to get there? Can I be successful at all or to be happy? How do I find out what is really important to me? And is happiness the result of success or is it the other way around?

#values #principles #goals #happiness

Professional success

Time and again, studies show that the majority of people are dissatisfied with the current job. How much better could people – ultimately the economy and society as a whole – be able to thrive in their jobs. But what makes me flourish? What am I good at? What do I enjoy? What motivates me from the inside out? And what do I expect from a job?

#strengths #motivation #self-organization

Company success

People are the highest asset of a company. Employee turnover and motivation are an important factor for every company to be successful in the long term and to gain competitive advantages. But how can a healthy corporate culture be created, characterized by more than full refrigerators and a kicker table?

#culture #structure #innovation #NewWork #agile

Questions are the wings of our thoughts.
Alexander Keller Berlin Agile und Management Coach TrainerAlex

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