Scrum Training

A practical introduction to agile working and a good preparation for the PSM exam


Next to Kanban, Scrum is probably the best known agile framework. In this training the principles and basics of agile working, the most important Scrum roles, meetings and artifacts are explained and made tangible through various exercises. This Scrum course in Germany, Spain and the rest of the EU serves as a basis for building Scrum teams and shows where the methodology, the emerging structures, processes and transparency can help and where perhaps not.

This training is the perfect preparation for the Certified Scrum Master exam. I regularly offer open Scrum workshops in Hamburg, Berlin and Spain. These workshops, with alternating theory and practice units, show meaningful alternatives to classic project management. The training includes roles and tasks in Scrum, demonstration and explanation of the Scrum flow including planning, review and retrospective.

Of course you can also book the Scrum training as an in-house workshop.

Scrum Training

Target group Scrum Training

Scrum helps companies to continuously deliver high quality products.

In addition to the theoretical basics, this training provides the participants with practical tools to be able to act as ScrumMaster for teams in their own company, for example, and to accompany the company during the agile transition. Often it is an introduction to agile leadership and can be deepened, for example, through a Management 3.0 seminar. The intensive training can also be used to prepare for the PSM I certification, since the Scrum Guide always provides up-to-date content.

Typical roles of the participants of our Scrum Workshop:

  • Aspiring ScrumMaster
  • Product owner
  • Project Manager
  • Management/Manager
  • People who (want to) work in an agile environment

Aim of the Scrum training

You will…

  • know the history and idea behind Scrum.
  • know basics of an agile Mindset.
  • know which meetings with which goals there are in the context of Scrum and how they run.
  • know what roles and tasks there are.
  • know what artifacts are out there.
  • know what effects Scrum has on the organization (the company).
  • know what self-organisation in the team and company means and what conditions must be given.
  • experience the Scrum process.
  • at least 2x smile and laugh.

Next dates

For in-house Scrum trainings please contact us.

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Content Scrum Training

The focus is on:

  • Agile Basics
  • Scrum Basics (Framework)
    • Values and principles
    • Meetings & Processes (Scrum Flow)
    • Planning & Estimation
    • Priorisierung
    • Artifacts
    • Roles and responsibilities
  • Self-organisation

Scrum Workshop format

  • 2-day-Training
  • Input from the trainer
  • Role exercises and feedback
  • Agile Games
  • Exchange of experience

Scrum Master Certificate

We also recommend the Scrum Master Certification PSM I on (not included).

This training can be used as a basis for certification. For preparation we recommend that every participant studies the Scrum Guide.

Number of participants

max. 14

Language of the Scrum Training

German or English

This is me, your trainer: Alexander Keller

I am Alex, Berliner and full-time trainer and coach with a focus on executive coaching and communication in an agile context. For more than 10 years I have been working in an agile environment and have given dozens of trainings for participants and companies from different industries. I am happy to share my experience with you, which I have gained as a ScrumMaster, Agile Coach and Executive. I am sure you will find some anecdotes here and there that will make you smile but also make you think 🙂

Alexander Keller Berlin Coach Trainer

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