CFO asks CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?” CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”
Peter Baeklund

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From Agile Leadership to Communication

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In-house Workshops

In addition to proven training concepts on agility, Scrum, Agile Leadership, Lateral Leadership and Management 3.0, I offer customized training, workshops and coaching for companies. You like it more exclusive? With pleasure I am available for in-house trainings and consulting.

The people define the value of a company.

I support you and your colleagues

Let us begin to focus on the people – your employees. By living principles, creating (inner) transparency and focusing on the right thing at the right time, costs and risk are reduced and in the long run speed, quality and also customer and employee satisfaction increase – the basis for a long-term healthy and successful company.

Digitalisation, globalisation and fast change are the challenges of our time. New Work, Working 4.0 and Agilisation are the topics.

Seminar offer for business development

If you need support in the areas of digital transformation, agile leadership, modern management and leadership, employee retention and motivation, leadership development or in developing vision, values and principles, contact us. I give my seminars and workshops in the whole EU area in German or English.

Why you want to book a training with me

I am an experienced coach. I can adapt well to different people and groups and I like doing that.
I love what I do. And you’ll feel that in our trainings.
I know what I’m talking about. I, too, have worked in companies for years and know the problems of cooperation from startup to corporate group.

My Certificates

I am truly not a friend of the certificate madness and know that certificates are not quality seals. I’ll show them to you anyway 🙂

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Leadership & modern management

Modern managers have a lot to accomplish: it is not always easy to reconcile employee motivation, leadership and daily business in an agile world. In addition to my trainings I also offer in-house consulting and long-term support in the form of coaching.

Lateral Leadership

(2-day-training with Certificate, German or English, in-person or remote) 

This new in-house training course teaches the basics of modern management work. It is about attitude and possibilities to reach the goal without force and power.

Organigramm Lateral vs Hierarchisch

Online: Management 3.0 Fundamentals

(2-day-training with Certificate, German or English) 

This new Management 3.0 workshop is created for managers who work with remote teams! Learn how to give feedback in a remote environment, how to lead remote teams and how to moderate remote meetings!

Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

(2-day-training with Certificate, German or English) 

What impact does agile transformation have on organizations and leadership/management? What does the leadership/management role in the agile environment look like? What is the difference between leadership and management?

Besides public Management 3.0 workshops in Berlin, Hamburg (in cooperation with Bitkom) and Spain I also offer in-house Management 3.0 trainings.
Contact us.

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Communication & teamwork

Communication in everyday working life concerns all employees of the company. The way in which the company communicates has a great influence on the corporate culture, employee motivation and efficiency. Appreciative and clear communication is a decisive factor when it comes to the success of the company.

Respectful communication

(1-day-workshop, German or English)

Principles of non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg. It’s about understanding and being understood. Appreciative communication and feedback culture in companies.

respektvolle kommunikation

Visualization basics

(1-day-workshop, German or English)

Why visualize? Basics, forms and combinations. Working with flip charts, boards, pens and chalk or digitally. Tips and tricks for training, workshops and moderation. Incl. exercises


Value-Workshops for Teams

(1-day-workshop, German or English)

What are values and principles? Which values are there? Which values do we have? How can values make a team better? In this workshop the team works together under expert guidance to develop the values of the individual team members. The new view of oneself and others creates a broad basis for cooperation.


Processes & structures

Dismantling hierarchies and overcoming silo thinking are more and more part of the modern company. But how can this be achieved? I offer trainings that introduce you to the world of agile working and self-organisation. In addition, I offer individual consulting & coaching, which is tailored to you and your company.


(2-day-training, German or English)

What does Agile mean? What is Scrum, where does it come from? What is a ScrumMaster, Product Owner… Which principles and values are behind it? Which rules, roles & artifacts are there in the Scrum-Flow?

Scrum Training

Agile Basics

(1-day-training, German or English)

What does Agile mean? Why do we need self-organisation and what does it mean? What are the most important methods and frameworks? How does e.g. Scrum work?

Agile Basics

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