Lateral Leadership Training

Lateral leadership qualities are becoming increasingly important in modern companies with complex organizational structures.
For junior managers and all those who want to become a great leader

Leading without official “power”

Lateral Leadership is about winning followers

In network structures there is no disciplinary distribution of power. Members of a project or product team have no disciplinary power over other team members. No coercion can be exercised here by means of classic reward or punishment mechanisms.

So different roles have to find different ways to win and keep follower for their topic.

Organigramm Lateral vs Hierarchisch

Lateral Leadership means guidance without authority.

The structures in our organisations are becoming increasingly complex. This is necessary to cope with the complexity of the market.

At the same time this also means that old leadership constructs and instruments of power no longer fit.

This is often the case in matrix organizations, project teams or agile cross-functional (Scrum) teams.


I create awareness for the leadership role and provide practical tools

Leadership is an attitude thing. Furthermore, we all have a leadership responsibility towards our environment, even if we do not take an explicit leadership role.

That said, the Humans Matter Lateral Leadership Training addresses managers (also with disciplinary leadership responsibility), typical Lateral Leadership roles like Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Agile Coaches, team members and all interested people who want to learn more about leadership, communication and relationship work.

Via remote or rather as on-site training?

I offer the Humans Matter Lateral Leadership Training both as a classroom seminar and as an online workshop.

Depending on requirements a mixture is also possible.

Content of your Lateral Leadership Training

  • Basics Lateral Leadership
  • Lateral Leadership instruments
  • Impulses from the trainer
  • Exchange of experience
  • Group exercises
  • Practical phase
  • Official certificate “Lateral Leader”
  • German or English
  • Small groups with max. 12 participants

Your Lateral Leadership Training

  • First group appointment
  • Experimental phase
  • Second group appointment
  • 1h remote follow-up
  • Optional sparring phase

Your trainer: Alexander Keller

I am Alex. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, just moved to southern Spain. I am a facilitator and coach, holding lateral leadership and communication workshops. I was a licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator for 6 years. During my workshops I focus on leadership, communication and motivation. If you want to know how to be a better leader and learn more about yourself you should get in touch!

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