What is Agile Leadership?

Modern leadership in agile organizations

VUCA: volatility (volatility/volatility), uncertainty,complexity (complexity) and ambiguity

Agility = ability of a system to change itself actively and sustainably in order to survive in new conditions and to deal with uncertainties. Agile
Leadership = Leadership in Agile Systems

What is agile leadership?

Our (re)world is characterized by constant changes, disruption, uncertainty and other influencing factors. In order for companies to survive in such a VUCA world, they must adapt accordingly.

This agility does not only affect structures and processes. The executives who play a leading role in the development of the company must be particularly agile today in order to make the company as such jointly an agile company. Accordingly, Agile Leadership is the ability of a leadership role to lead well in new and changing conditions.

What makes it, the Agile Leadership component of a modern leader?

Leadership rethought

In the context of Agile Leadership, it is above all about a new understanding of leadership, an agile mindset that presents a completely new leadership attitude. Instead of hierarchical command&control, a transformation takes place from a purely professional manager to a real manager, who is responsible for suitable framework conditions.

One of the main tasks of a manager in an agile context is to enable employees to perform their tasks in the best possible and effective way, while still being as creative and innovative as possible.

This also means that within the framework of Agile Leadership, a modern leader has to focus more and more on the personality of the people around them in order to be able to support employees and colleagues individually and to help with their personal development. This is the only way for the manager to create a motivating and supportive environment.

Classic approaches such as linear career models and bonus systems are as unhelpful with a focus on people as rigid five-year plans with a view to product development.

At the same time, despite the uncertainty, it is important to create a framework for employees that sets a direction/vision and provides them with the necessary security and freedom in equal measure.

Agile Leadership Training: Management 3.0

In order to learn more about the new understanding of leadership, leadership principles and leadership roles in an agile context, we regularly offer Management 3.0 trainings. The trainings can also be booked as an in-house workshop on request.

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