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Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Safe, LeSS – agile methods are on everyone’s lips. But what does “Agile” actually mean? What is an agile mindset? What happens there and what does it mean for me? What ideas, what principles are behind it? Is it also something for me and my company?

This training gives a first insight into the world of agile methods, self-organisation, cross-functional teams – ideal for all those who want to become familiar with the topic.

Target group Agile Basics

Agile working methods are becoming increasingly popular not only in the IT world. In our globalized, digitalized and increasingly transparent world, agile processes, modern and agile leadership (advanced Management 3.0 seminar) and organizational structures are a prerequisite for sustainable success.

This training is a basic seminar for all people who want to get an insight into the agile working world.

Aims of the Agile Training

You will…

  • Know what “agile” means and which are the most important methods and frameworks
  • Knowing what self-organisation means and what conditions must be given.
  • Know how Agile fits into and is linked to organizational development.
  • Know what impediments are and how to deal with them.
  • Experience Agile Basics using the example of the Scrum process.
  • Knowing which further training offers are available.
  • At least 2x smile and laugh.

Content of the Agile Training

We will cover the following points

  • Basics of agile product development
  • Cynefin Complexity Model
  • Basics of self-organisation
  • Fundamentals of organisational development
  • Scrum Basics
    • Values
    • Artefacts
    • Meetings
    • Roles
  • Impediment Management


  • 1-day-Training
  • Input from the Trainer
  • Agile Games, Role exercises and feedback
  • Exchange of experience



Number of participants

max. 14

Language of the training

German or English

The Agile Basics Training is offered exclusively as in-house training. No matter where in Germany, Spain or EU. If you are interested in an inhouse Agile Basics Training please contact us.

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