Be the leader you wish you had.

What if you found that you were only doing half of what was possible?

Agile management methods and value-based leadership principles. How you can break out of old habits and move yourself and your company forward. Book a 30-minute discovery call with me. In this call you will learn how to achieve your full potential.

Become a better leader…
and even a better partner!

I would even go so far as to say that you can become a better person.

It sounds tempting to become an executive: Your own office, your own team, a raise in salary, maybe a company car. But there is also the other side of the coin: the responsibility that comes with a leadership role. The ever-increasing demand on oneself to please everyone, the stakeholders, the employees. To be and remain successful as a manager, it is important to acquire essential skills and to work on personal development.

I am your partner for your personal development. I’m here for you when you need someone. I offer you support and motivation to stay on the ball and not to lose sight of your goal. I am your professional friend who takes care of you and always reminds you what you want to achieve.

Reach your full potential

How you can break out of old habits, develop new routines and better channel your time and energy. Focus on what is really important to you, what will help you in your professional and private life. Get an impression of what a value- and principle-based life can mean for you personally in a 30-minute initial interview.

I offer you

  • I share my experience and knowledge with you
  • I will show you practices and tools for your work
  • I go through concrete situations with you and illuminate different perspectives with you
  • I’m like a mirror for you to reflect
  • I work with you on your attitude towards people and leadership
  • I will challenge you and sometimes I put my finger in the wound
Alexander Keller Berlin Coach Trainer


Consultant. Coach. Questioner.

You need to bring

  • Fun in learning and further education
  • The will to change
  • Openness and courage to try things out
  • Time for your personal development
  • A positive basic attitude
  • Commitment

30 minutes that could change your life.

I assure you that the time you invest in this call is in good hands with me.
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