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How To Stay in Touch with your Colleagues in the age of Social Distancing and Home Office

Are you lacking social contacts during the crisis we currently face? Do you miss your chat by the water cooler or the status update question across the desks? In the “age of Corona” we are asked to work from home, we are asked to stay away from each other.

How can we deal with all those new rules and working apart from each other as a manager, as a colleague? How can we compensate for the lack of opportunities for direct communication? How can we prevent conflicts and misunderstandings when everyone is #workingfromhome? How can we ensure work is done effectively and efficiently?

Currently we are doing what speaks against all intuition when it comes to working successfully in a team. We increase the spatial distance. 

Join me at the virtual coffee machine and learn more on how to prepare yourself and your team for the new way of working.

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